Your specialist for Retail Expansion and portfolio optimization in Europe

Jørgen Nielsen



  • 16 years of experience
    in Germany and Europe
  • working for the Bestseller Group and other clients
    as Expansion Manager in Europe and Germany


Location Analysis / Working Methods

Our USP is our focus on expansion or portfolio management. This specialization makes us an absolute expert in this area.

We have only one focus and that is the support of your company and the expanding and optimizing of your rental contracts - we are not brokers, center- or projectdevelopers.

For the new location analysis, we see the preferred locations with the eyes of your company and not with the wallet of the landlord, because our focus is on the retailer.

Negotiations can be hard, but we think its important to keep the good tone and remember that there can be a day where you need help from your negotiation partner.



We will take over the following tasks for you:

  • Expansion planning - where should your company open new stores or close some!?
  • Monitoring existing contracts.
  • Renegotiation of existing contracts.
  • Acquire new locations according to your expansion plan.
  • Analyze the offer for the new location using P&L calculations and assess the construction volume.
  • Negotiate the rental agreement.
  • Accompany the construction process until the opening.

Expansion has to do with experience - the longer you work in the business, the better you get!


At Nielsen Expansion we have:

  • A very wide network.
  • Many years of experience in German and European retail.
  • We know the cities and what potential they have, which reduces the errors - one bad shop cost you 5 good ones!
  • We will not compare ourselves with the brokerage branch, but will work as if we were working directly in your company.


The customer does not have to worry about the following in the area of ​​expansion / portfolio management:

  • The customer will receive a very high quality in the expansion from us.
  • Calculate and settle travel expenses.
  • Additional costs for expansion employees.
  • Flexibility in personnel design.



My personal goal:

You should be able to look your negotiation partner into the eyes after a hard negotiation!


NIELSEN Expansion GmbH
Jørgen Nielsen
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